M-Power’s state-of-the-art treatment facility features Keiser training equipment which is unique in that it incorporates pneumatic and mass technology that reduces momentum and results in optimally efficient muscle firing. Other equipment includes free weights, an Olympic platform, and core and agility tools.

For those who are not in pain but are looking for general fitness or sport specific training, one can’t beat what Keiser equipment can do.

Keiser Air resistance versus mass weight resistance (traditional bar and weight):

  • No shock loading to connective tissue and joints
  • Ability to change resistance at any time with finger/foot control
  • Consistent variable resistance curve at any speed
  • Resistance changeable to 1/10 LB increments
  • Power (Watts) calculated on the screen, constant reading of your power/reps

By setting up baseline training and the ability to store your workouts, there is an absolute assurance that you are getting stronger and faster as watts don’t lie.

In sport, there are 2 components to any human movement:

  1. The force you produce
  2. The speed at which you produce it

Keiser allows one to train at any speed and given resistance, by developing speed as well as strength, you develop Power. Power is the key to any human performance; whether you are an elite athlete or an older adult. As an older adult or one who is looking for general fitness, I can cater a program for that.

The M-Power clinic is located at the base of Knox Mountain Park in Kelowna, British Columbia, which has 310 hectares of trails for running and mountain biking. Also two blocks from Okanagan Lake with kayak launching access, the clinic is optimally located to provide easy access to outdoor athletic training in conjunction with the indoor training.