M-Power Massage Therapy provides you with the tools you need to create a strong, pain-free body that functions optimally in all aspects of life.

This is not a spa massage – there’s no oil, lotion or soft music. It is manual therapy of fascia and soft tissue to reconstruct the body so that there is structural balance. Rather than chasing the symptoms of pain, this approach addresses the structural cause of pain, which leads to lasting change.

The body is then retrained to maintain the structural balance through neuromuscular movement patterning using mat, stability balls, bands, and state of the art Keiser pneumatic equipment. The focus is on correct core stability and functional movements.


This integration of manual therapy and rehabilitation addresses the symptoms of pain by focusing on the root cause of the pain with the end result being pain-free functional mechanics. Most pain is caused by acute/chronic injury, unnatural activities (like sitting at a desk), and poor movement habits. Surgical procedures like C-section, broken bones, or soft tissue injuries create a structural pull throughout the entire fascial structure of the body. That is the way the body protects and heals itself – unfortunately, it does so in a chaotic pattern unlike the original structure prior to the injury.

When viewing a young child, they have beautiful posture and movements: they squat on their heels, stand straight up evenly weighted on both feet, and run on their forefoot. All these mechanics are lost to various incorrect postural and movement mechanics; over time, compensation extends throughout the whole of the body in turn creating a cycle of pain/discomfort in different parts of the body.


After realigning the natural structure of the body with manual therapy of the fascia, strength is assessed in individual muscles, muscle groups, and in functional movements. Strengthening starts with basic functional core exercises, squatting, lunges, then graduates to larger movements like walking and running. Re-patterning of basic movements first is critical so that the person does not continue the same dysfunctional movements that cause the patterns of the pain cycle to continue. (Through videoing of a person’s movement, he/she can see their dysfunction and correct the movement as best as they can, and over repeated times of being aware they create the new functional mechanics needed to be pain free.)

One must take the exercises provided, created specific to that person, and do them either at their home or in the gym to which they have access. As little as 15 minutes per day will yield initial results.

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